Road Bans in Effect

To limit the amount of damage to M.D. roads during the period of spring thaw, the Road Ban Committee identifies roads within the municipality that would benefit from lighter loads.
As operators, you must make yourself aware of the load limits associated with the roads you drive. As the cost of road repairs is a principal concern to all ratepayers in our municipality, we ask that you assist us in minimizing the amount of damage.
The Municipal District of Bonnyville No. 87, being the road authority, may at its sole discretion ban any and all roads at any given time due to road deterioration.
We realize that some of our roads will deteriorate quicker than others due to many factors including high traffic flow, heavy loads, weather conditions, etc. We remind you that a discretionary road ban exists all year round on roads considered sensitive areas and may be posted with a specific weight restriction.    
We wish to extend our thanks to you for the responsible use of our roads. Road Bans may be lifted sooner, if conditions permit.

Currently there are a number of roads which are posted at 75%. Please click on the document below for this list of roads.