72 Hours Preparedness

Living in a largely rural environment, the Municipal District of Bonnyville, the Town of Bonnyville and Bonnyville FCSS want to make sure our residents are prepared for an emergency. This includes having enough resources on hand to be able to be self-sufficient in your home for 72 hours (three days).
There are a number of emergencies that can pop up that wouldn't allow you to leave your home for up to three days - including forest fires, floods and snow/ice storms.
The Government of Canada also recognizes this as an important issue, and has a website dedicated to making sure we're prepared in the event of an emergency - go to www.getprepared.gc.ca for resources. The Government of Alberta also has a site for resources - Click here for the Alberta Emergency Management Agency.

The M.D., along with the Town and Bonnyville FCSS has recognized November as 72 Hour Preparedness month. November was identified as the best time due to impending winter weather. One of the ways to be prepared is to build an emergency kit.

Click on the checklist below for a printable version of the Emergency Preparedness Kit.

Click below for a PDF, printable version of the checklist

72 hour checklist