1. Fence Line Clearing

    Learn about fence line clearing in the community.

  2. GIS & Maps

    Review the different maps and geographic information systems (GIS) that is available to residents.

  3. Landfill & Waste Transfer Sites

    Get information about solid waste disposal and handling recommendations for Bonnyville.

  4. Door-To-Door Waste Pick Up

    Collection days, guidelines, cart information and landfill recycling

  5. Pest Control

    Find out more about the pest control techniques the municipal district uses.

  6. Planning & Development

    Gather information you need to know for any development you plan on completing in the community, and learn what the municipal district is doing to ensure a great place to live.

  7. Public Safety

    Access details about the Public Safety Department and the responsibilities they have to the community.

  8. Rental Equipment

    Obtain agricultural equipment from the municipal district.

  9. Senior Programs

    Gather information about the senior programs in the community.

  10. Sewer

    Peruse information about sewer management in the community.

  11. Tax Payments

    Read about paying your taxes and learn how to submit a payment.

  12. Water

    Learn about the water service provided in the community.

  13. Weed Control

    Find out what the municipal district does to maintain weeds.