Agriculture & Waste Services

  1. Fence Line Clearing

    Access information about fence line clearing

  2. LARA

    Learn about the Lakeland Agricultural Research Association (LARA).

  3. Pest Control

    Obtain information about how pests are controlled in Bonnyville.

  4. Rental Equipment

    Get information about renting farm equipment from the municipal district to ensure farming and ranching operations within the community.

  5. Solid Waste

    Gather information about getting rid of solid waste and how the community helps you.

  6. Veterinary Health

    Find more information about the Veterinary Health Program, what it is for, and how it works.

  7. Weed Control

    Peruse information about how the municipal district helps control weeds throughout the community.

  8. Local 4-H Clubs

    Find contacts for a variety of 4-H Clubs here