Planning & Development

  1. Area Structure Plans

    Browse through area structure plans that are available to the public.

  2. Environment

    Learn about the different information and technical support that is provided to residents regarding environmental issues.

  3. Fee Schedule

    Review the different fees for development in the community.

  4. GIS, Maps and Addressing

    Peruse through the available hamlet and lake subdivision maps.

  5. Inspection Services

    Find details about the inspection services provided by the community.

  6. Intermunicipal Development Plans

    The current intermunicipal development plan between the Municipal District of Bonnyville and the City of Cold Lake as well as information on the creation of an IDP with the Town of Bonnyville

  7. Land Use Bylaw

    Read the bylaw that is associated with land usage in the community.

  8. Municipal Development Plan

    Review the full Municipal Development Plan.

  9. Permits and Applications

    Download all of the applications and permits available through the Planning and Development Department.

  10. Rezoning

    Obtain information about rezoning within Bonnyville.

  11. Sign Request Form

    Fill out the Sign Request Form.

  12. Subdivision

    Gather information about submitting a subdivision application with the community.

  13. Subdivision and Development Appeal Board

  14. Webmap

    Click this link for a searchable map of the Municipal District of Bonnyville