Beavers cause many problems by damming up water or damaging desirable trees.

There are several options to mitigate beaver conflict:

  • If they are damaging desirable trees you can wrap your trees in metal mesh or fence
  • If flooding is a concern, releasing small amounts of water from the dam may resolve the issue. Often the beaver will fix the dam the very same day so there are some other devices to help keep the water flowing, such as fence and pipe devices, and flexible beaver pond levelers
  • If the issue continues then removing the beaver is required. 

The M.D. is offering an incentive program to local landowners for beaver removal in problem areas affecting residential, structural, and agricultural flooding on private land. The M.D. has also compiled a list of local trappers willing to assist landowners through trapper proxy. 

Please call the Ag Services Department at 780-826-3951 for more assistance with problem beavers. 

To learn more about beavers and mitigation measures click here or here.

Beaver Dams

The Municipal District of Bonnyville has the services of a qualified blaster to remove beaver dams that cause flooding of farmland and/or property available.

Dams on fish bearing streams and rivers cannot be removed by blasting during the period from April 16 to July 1. Due to increased regulations DFO/Water Act approvals must be obtained prior to any removal of dams with explosives.

Click here for the Beaver Control Policy

Supporting Documents:

Landowner Beaver Control Agreement

Trapper Beaver Control Agreement

Landowner Beaver Control Blasting Services Agreement