Weed Control


The Municipal District of Bonnyville's Agricultural Services Department is dedicated to reducing the establishment and spread of noxious and nuisance weeds. Between 400 and 500 miles of roadside ditches are sprayed annually as a control method, focusing on Canada and Sow Thistle, as well as other dangerous weed species that may be introduced to the municipal district by movement of machinery or vehicles.

Weed Control Agreements

To cooperate with our local farmers and ranchers who run herbicide-free operations, the Municipal District of Bonnyville regularly enters into Weed Control Agreements (PDF). Under the terms of the agreement, landowners will claim responsibility for weed control on right of ways adjacent to their property while the municipal district will exclude the location from their regular spray programs.

Perennial Weed Eradication

Perennial weed inspections are regularly conducted on oilfield sites, pipeline right of ways, and on private land to identify and control all infestations of hard-to-kill perennial weeds. Currently, the emphasis is to prevent the establishment of the noxious weeds Toadflax, Tansy, and Scentless Chamomile.

More Information

For further information about the municipal district's weed control programs, please email the Agricultural Services Department.