Assessment Disputes & Complaints

Property Assessment Appeals

The last day to appeal your property assessment, defined on your Property Tax and Assessment Notice, is stated in the upper right portion of your notice. Your appeal must be received by the Clerk of the Assessment Review Board by this date. Should there be a postal disruption, please ensure that your choice of delivery method ensures your appeal is in the possession of the Clerk of the Assessment Review Board by the date shown on your notice.


If you would like to dispute your assessment, please call us toll-free at 877-866-3171.


If, after you have talked with our property assessors, you still believe your assessment or any other assessment to be inequitable (in comparison to market value or to other comparable properties), you may file a complaint to the Assessment Review Board.

Its function is to hear evidence as to whether the property’s assessment is equitable with other comparable properties. The Assessment Review Board has the authority to review and direct the assessor to make amendments. Please note - appeals must be made within 60 days of the tax notice mail out date. The appeal deadline also appears on your tax notice, in the top right corner.

Assessment complaints must be submitted to:
Stephanie Severin, Assessment Review Board Clerk
c/o Municipal District of Bonnyville No. 87
Bag 1010
Bonnyville, AB T9N 2J7

Your Entitlement

An assessed person is entitled to see or receive sufficient information about the person’s property in accordance with Section 299 of the Municipal Government Act or a summary of an assessment in accordance with section 300 of the Municipal Government Act, or both.

Pursuant to Section 460 of the Municipal Government Act and the Matters Relating to Assessment and Tax Regulation copies of the following are available at the municipal office, or online:

If you would like any additional information regarding property assessments, please go to the municipal affairs website.


Please note that your complaint (appeal) form must be completed in its entirety, received by the Assessment Review Board Clerk on or before the Appeal Deadline shown on the front of this notice, and include the appropriate complaint fee.

A complaint against your assessed property does not exempt you from paying your taxes on time or from late payment penalties. If a complaint is successful, the adjustment will be applied to the tax roll.

Pursuant to Bylaw Number 1325, all complaints must be accompanied by the appropriate fee as identified below:

  • Residential/Farmland $50 per parcel
  • Non-residential $100 per parcel


Updated October 2021
There is a possibility some of these hearings may be held virtually. If you would like to attend/observe a hearing please contact the Clerk at 780-826-3171. Meetings will be held in accordance with AHS COVID-19 regulations.


If the Assessment Review Board finds in favour of the complainant, the fee or fees for the applicable parcel or parcels shall be returned to the complainant.