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Rural Civic Addressing System Maps

The Rural Addressing System (Bylaw 1300 (PDF)) was created for the protection, health and welfare of Municipal District of Bonnyville residents and businesses. Signage that clearly identifies your rural location address is essential for emergency services and other core municipal services. It also serves as a basic location identifier for visitors, couriers and service crews.


Requests for a new rural address signs can be submitted via our online form (PDF).

Do You Need a New Address Sign?

Take a look at your blue address sign. Is it faded or damaged? Do you need a new one? Take a look at the picture below. Does it look like the one on the left?

If it does, please call 780-826-3171 to order your replacement sign today, at no additional charge, or click here to fill out the online form (PDF).

Address Sign Graphic

Hamlet & Subdivision Maps

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Open an online, searchable map of the M.D. of Bonnyville. Please note - this map works best in Google Chrome.