Land Use Bylaw

The Municipal District of Bonnyville’s Land Use Bylaw is the primary planning document utilized by Planning and Development Department staff to regulate the use and development of land and buildings within the boundaries of the municipality.

Everything from development applications and enforcement to general regulations and land use districts is covered.

Amendments to the Land Use Bylaw are currently being made.  As soon as the amendments have been made to the original document, it will be available for download.

Current Land Use Bylaw Amendments

Bylaw No. LU 578

Bylaw No. LU 578 proposes to amend the Land Use Bylaw by rezoning NE-30-61-5-W4M and NW-30-61-5-W4M from Agriculture (AG) District to Direct Control District #5 (YBY) Municipal District of Bonnyville Regional Airport. Bylaw No LU. 578 is to go before Council for First Reading on January 9, 2024. Additionally, Bylaw No. LU 578 is to go before Council for Public Hearing on February 13, 2024. Members of the public will be allowed to attend the meeting, which will take place at 10 a.m. in Council Chambers (4905 – 50 Avenue, Bonnyville). Speakers will be limited to five minutes.

Bylaw No. LU 578 Rezoning Bylaw

Bylaw No. LU 578 Rezoning Application