Within the Municipal District of Bonnyville, the majority of our lands are zoned agriculture. The purpose of this zoning district it to protect and enhance the municipal district's valuable agricultural land resources, our agriculture-based economy, and our rural lifestyle - but at the same time accommodating other suitable land uses.

Subdividing Maximum

The municipal district current Municipal Development Plan (PDF) allows for a maximum of 20 acres, with a maximum of four lots within, to be subdivided out of an agriculture quarter section without a change in zoning.

Subdividing More than 20 Acres

Should you wish to subdivide more than 20 acres (or four lots) from an agriculture quarter section, a change in zoning must occur and an area structure plan (ASP) will be required. This rezoning would give new definition to the property - meaning agriculture activity is no longer its primary function.

If that is your intent, please download the municipal district's Rezoning Brochure and Application Form (PDF).