Road Bans in Effect

Please be advised effective May 28, 2021, the M.D. of Bonnyville’s 2021 Road Ban season is completed and 100% haul capacity is back into effect.

 - The Road Bans will go into effect as of Friday, April 9, 2021.

There is a 75% road ban on all cold mix and gravel roads within the Municipal District of Bonnyville No. 87, unless otherwise posted. This is in effect as of April 9, 2021.

To limit the amount of damage to M.D. roads during the period of spring thaw, the following weight restrictions and timelines have been imposed by the M.D.’s Road Ban Committee. 

List of roads that are banned all year:

  • Township Road 610 (RR 460 to Hwy 657) – 75%
  • Range Road 474 (Hwy 660 to Hwy 28) – 50%
  • Township Road 624 (between Hwy 881 and 4100) – 75%
  • Township Road 644 (Between RR 473 to RR 475) – 50%
  • Range Road 470 (Hwy 55 to Twp Rd 630) - 75%
  • Township 622 (Dupree Road) (between RR 470 and RR 473) –50%
  • Range Road 455 (from town limits to MD Public Works) – 75%
  • Township Road 604 (Hwy 657 to RR 445) – 75%
  • Hamlet of La Corey - 50%
No Road Ban placed on the following roads:

  • RR 460 – From HWY 55 North to CLAWR South Gate boundary
  • RR 485 – From Hwy 660 to Twp. Rd 630
  • Twp. Rd 630 – From RR 411 to City of Cold Lake
  • RR473/TWPRd642/RR475–FromHWY55toWolfLake
  • RR 442 – from Twp. Rd 659 to Twp. Rd 602A
  • RR 470 – From Hwy 55 to Twp. Rd 634
  • RR 460 – From Town of Bonnyville Boundary to Kehewin Reserve
  • RR 424 – From HWY 55 North 800 meters toward TWP Rd 632 
As operators, you must make yourself aware of the load limits associated with the roads you drive. As the cost of road repairs is a principal concern to all ratepayers in our municipality, we ask that you assist us in minimizing the amount of damage.

The Municipal District of Bonnyville No. 87, being the road authority, may at its sole discretion ban any and all roads at any given time due to road deterioration.

We realize that some of our roads will deteriorate quicker than others due to many factors including high traffic flow, heavy loads, weather conditions, etc. We remind you that a discretionary road ban exists all year round on roads considered sensitive areas and may be posted with a specific weight restriction.    

Permission to exceed the ban will be reviewed by the municipality on a case-by-case basis for specific trips.

Specific approvals can be obtained by contacting the Municipal District of Bonnyville's Transportation and Utilities Department at 780-812-5000.