Downtown Bonnyville

Main Street

Bonnyville's main street is full of independent shops offering a good selection of everything from sporting goods and jewelry to unique gifts and exceptionally fine food. Each restaurant has their specialties, so be sure to ask what's best on the menu.

Tasty treats, such as Foothills Ice Cream and shelves full of nostalgic candy and chocolates can be found at the Candy Bouquet. If you're looking for rest and relaxation, try out the multitude of therapies offered by the Lakeland Holistic Centre.

Lake Vacation

You can enhance your lake vacation experience with a visit to Sylvestre Source For Sports. Their shelves are full of fishing tackle, bait, hunting gear, camping equipment, water sport apparatus, beach wear, sandals, and sunglasses.

Flower & Gift Stores

There are flower and gift stores galore, each one offering different wares. Some even do double duty, offering a complete selection of women's clothing to boost the shopping experience.

Jessie Lake Trail

When you are all shopped out and have eaten your fill, take a tour of the Jessie Lake Trail and enjoy the variety of trees and bird life.