How Do I

  1. Apply for a Job

    Learn how to apply for employment within the municipal district.

  2. Apply for a Permit

    Access details about applying for a permit within the community.

  3. Contact the Council

    Contact the council members of the municipal district.

  4. Contact the Municipal District

    Browse through the staff directory listing of the municipal district.

  5. Pay My Taxes

    Gather details about paying your taxes, and learn where to pay them.

  6. Rent Agriculture Equipment

    Find out how to rent agriculture equipment through the municipal district.

  7. Set Up an Inspection

    Set up an inspection with the district for your project.

  8. Apply For A Subdivision

    Link to Subdivision Forms Package and FAQ section

  9. Register for Vendor EFT?

    This form is for suppliers to provide banking information so payments can be made directly to their bank account.

  10. Pay My Utilities Bill?

    This page has a listing of the Financial Institutions where you can make online/in person payments. It also has more information, including the bylaw regarding water and sewer services in the M.D.