School Resource Officers

The Public Safety Department provides specially qualified Peace Officers to work in cooperation with 20 schools of both the Northern Lights School District and Lakeland Catholic School Division. These schools are located in Bonnyville, Cold Lake, Glendon and the Municipal District. This is an extremely successful program and the municipality had won a 2011 education award for our SRO program.

Our Mission

To assist students in making informed choices through awareness, education and positive role modeling


Each school day our school officers attend various schools and in addition to presentations and class sessions they do the following:

  • Informal school visits and walkthroughs
  • Assist staff with issues or concerns involving students
  • Recess interactions with students
  • Mentoring visits one-on-one with students
  • Meeting with students, staff and parents
  • Participation in school activities to build relationships with students

Right Choices Program

The Right Choices Program was created by our school officers to fit in with the Grade 5 Health and Wellness Curriculum. This Program is offered to all Grade 5 classes and consists of 5 sessions with students and a Graduation Ceremony. 

The sessions are as follows:
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Cyber-bullying and Internet Safety
  • Alcohol, Caffeine and Tobacco
  • Drugs and Their Effects
  • Peer Pressure
CSI member placing evidence number markers

Crime Scene Investigation Program

The Crime Scene Investigation Program was created by our school officers to work with the Grade 6 Science Curriculum.

  • History of CSI, Fingerprints and Tracks
  • CSI Kit demonstration, Handwriting and Observation
  • Fingerprinting Lab
  • Mock Crime Scene processed by students

Write to Fight Program

The Write to Fight program was developed by our School Resource Officers to attempt to build relationships with the at-risk youth attending the three off campus schools in our area. The program uses the student's enthusiasm about ultimate fighting and mixed martial arts to encourage them to express themselves through creative writing.

  • Students must complete writing assignments in order to participate in the Gym portion
  • Students are taught self-discipline and self-respect
  • Comments from the school board have been very positive

Our school officers also offer other sessions which can be adjusted based on grade level:

  • Bicycle Safety
  • Cycle of Abuse
  • Drug Awareness
  • Gang Awareness
  • Halloween Safety
  • Home Alone Safety
  • Hate Crime and Racism
  • Stranger Danger
  • ATV and Snowmobile Safety
  • Facebook and Internet Safety
  • Mock Trial