Ward Beat Officers

The two Ward beat officers work various shifts and on-call hours. The Department also uses the services of the local 911 dispatch centre to handle complaint calls and dispatch the on duty, and if required, on-call officer. These officers provide service to pre-designated geographical areas based on Ward boundaries.

The Ward 3 officer also provides a contracted 20 hours of service to the Village of Glendon per month.

These officers handle all types of complaints and are accountable for how these complaints are actioned and resolved. By confining these officers to their areas we are able to increase our presence, improve complaint response and ensure the officer is being accountable for the resolution of concerns within his area. The beat officers deal with the following concerns:

  • Speeding, aggressive driving and general traffic issues
  • Snowmobile and ATV Enforcement
  • Unsightly Properties
  • Dangerous Goods Inspections
  • Parking and Traffic Bylaws
  • Commercial Truck Route Enforcement
  • Liquor Offences
  • Traffic Collision Liability Reports
  • Patrols of Municipal Campgrounds
  • Dog Control

The vehicles the officers use are equipped with various types of equipment to facilitate the patrol officers' ability to handle any type of occurrence without having to obtain additional equipment before responding. Patrol vehicles are equipped as follows:

  • Traffic radar
  • Digital video/audio system (auto record during traffic stops.. etc)
  • First aid kit
  • Fire extinguisher
  • "Crash" kit (equipment for traffic collision scenes and other emergency situations)
  • In-car computer system
Tanker Fire