Industry Relations Officers

Our Industry Relations Officers are our primary point of contact with the local oil industry. These officers facilitate our traffic safety partnership with many of the local oil producers and the supporting trades in the area. 

Our officers:

  • Work with company safety coordinators to facilitate traffic safety on M.D. roads,
  • Provide timely information to oil producers regarding traffic incidents involving their property or personnel,
  • Attend company safety meetings to discuss traffic safety or other related concerns,
  • Provide extra patrol time on industry routes,
  • Conduct dangerous goods inspections,
  • Conduct fitness inspections on vehicles while paying close attention to load securement, equipment fitness, and weights and dimensions.

These officers enforce the M.D. road bans which take place primarily in the spring but can occur year-round based on the condition of our roadways. They utilize portable axle weigh scales to check commercial truck weights and ensure they are in compliance with Provincial law and the municipal road weight restrictions. 

The industry officers work throughout the entire M.D. and focus on specific road issues such as aggressive driving during peak traffic periods, conflicts between school buses and other traffic, as well as Traffic Safety Act offences common to all categories of drivers.

If you have questions about commercial vehicles, please call 780-812-3332 and ask to speak to an Industry Relations Officer.

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