Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Municipal District of Bonnyville doing a municipal census?

Up-to-date population statistics are important for maximizing the amount of money the M.D. receives in provincial and federal grants. With the increased growth in the municipality, the population statistics need to be updated. Each person, no matter what age, represents a set dollar value in grant funding.

As well, up-to-date census information allows the M.D. to plan services and calculate cost-sharing agreements with neighbouring municipalities.

What type of information is being collected?

You will be asked how many people are in your household, the type of dwelling you reside in, the length of residency, and the age ranges and genders of the people living in your home.

How long will it take to complete the census questions?

The census will only take one or two minutes to answer.

How can I provide my census information?

You will receive your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and census form in the mail on April 1.

Online – Please go to, click on the census link, and follow the instructions. You will need your PIN and your Rural Address to fill out the census form.

By Phone – Call us at 780-826-3171 to complete the census. Remember to have your PIN or your rural address.

By Fax - Fax your completed form to 780-826-4524.

By Email - Scan and email your completed census form to

By Mail - Send your completed census form using the enclosed return envelope.

At Your Door – M.D. enumerators will begin going door-to-door starting on April 22. Enumerators will only visit residences where the census has not already been completed online.

I did not receive a PIN in the mail. Can I take part in the census?

Renters or people living in multiple unit buildings were not mailed PINs. You will be contacted by an enumerator between April 22 and May 22. If you are not contacted for the census, please call the Census Coordinator at 780-826-3171.

I received multiple PINs. Why?

People who own rental/second properties will receive multiple PINs. Please fill out the census for your primary residence only. If you are able to forward the PINs to the tenants of the other properties, please do so. If not, enumerators will visit these residences and collect the information.

If I am a temporary resident of the M.D., do I take the census?

Yes. The M.D. has been given permission by Alberta Municipal Affairs to count all people living temporarily in the M.D. Enumerators will be visiting all work camps to collect information. Temporary residents are people who are employed by a local business for a minimum of 30 days within the 2014 census year.

My dwelling is used as a seasonal cottage only; do I have to fill out the census?

Yes, filling out and returning the census as a "seasonal" resident will assist the door-to-door enumerators.

How long will it take the M.D. to conduct a census?

All municipalities have between April 1 and June 30 to conduct a census/collect census information from its residents.

Why is the M.D. collecting information on temporary residents (shadow population)?

The M.D. provides services to everyone who lives within its borders. This information will help the M.D. plan for future growth.

How often will a municipal census happen?

As the M.D. received permission from the provincial government to include its shadow population, they are required to conduct a municipal census at least every three years.

How will the M.D. ensure my privacy?

All responses to the census are kept strictly confidential and the information obtained will only be used for statistical data. Collection of census information is in accordance with Section 33(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Your privacy is ensured by not collecting names and/or contact information. Also, individual dwelling information will not be shared publicly. Where data is released publicly, it will be combined to prevent the identification of individuals. If you have any questions with regard to privacy and the census, contact Calvin Bespalko, Manager of Administrative Services by email at or at 780-826-3171.

When will the census results be released?

A census report will be available by Fall 2014.

How can completing the census online win me $100 M.D. Bucks?

Contest entries can be made by completing the 2014 M.D. Census online with your PIN, and providing your name and phone number at the end of the census survey. This is not a requirement of the census process. It is a voluntary option with the information only being used for either contest purposes or for census quality assurance. There will be four draws - April 9, 16, 23 and 30. Draws will be conducted randomly based on PIN numbers entered into the census website. Rules for the contest are available at

How can I get more information on the census?

Please contact Esther Quiambao, Census Coordinator by email at or at 780-826-3171.