Protecting Your Privacy

Who will have access to the results?

The anonymous population count and some aggregate information about demographic trends will be public information and posted on the M.D. website later this year. Names are not collected in the municipal census. Responses from individual homes will not be available to anyone.

What happens to my information once it is collected by the M.D.?

Information collected directly from residents online will be stored on a secured Census Reporting System. All hard copy forms collected by the M.D. Office will be inputted into the same Reporting System for long term management and data report generation purposes. The forms will then be shredded and destroyed to ensure the protection of the information from unauthorized access.

How can I be sure my information is safe?

All information obtained during the census must be kept confidential. During training, Census Enumerators are instructed on the importance of ensuring the information being collected is protected and that they cannot share this information with anyone other than a member of the census team (Census M.D. office staff). Each Census Enumerator signs a confidentiality statement to reinforce these expectations.

Who governs or regulates a municipal census?

A municipal census conducted in Alberta is done under the authority of the provincial Municipal Government Act. The collection of personal information is authorized by Section 33(c) of the Freedom of Information of Protection of Privacy Act.

For more information on FOIP, contact Calvin Bespalko, Manager of Administrative Services with the Municipal District of Bonnyville at 780-826-3171 or by email.