2017 Election Candidates

The following is the official list of candidates for the October 16, 2017 Municipal Election:

Candidates for Reeve

Barry Kalinski
Phone: 780-573-6082
Email Barry Kalinski

Greg Sawchuk
Phone: 780-812-2561
Email Greg Sawchuk

Candidates for Ward 1

Josh Crick
Phone: 780-812-5510
Email Josh Crick

Shane Franklin
Phone: 780-812-1338
Email Shane Franklin

Marc Jubinville
Phone: 780-826-0992
Email Marc Jubinville

Candidates for Ward 2

Doug Ewanowich
Phone: 780-826-9229
Email Doug Ewanowich

David Fox - Incumbent
Phone: 780-573-3266
Email: n/a

Darcy Skarsen
Phone: 780-812-8712
Email Darcy Skarsen

Candidates for Ward 3

Mike Krywiak - Incumbent - Acclaimed
Phone: 780-573-6093
Email Mike Krywiak

Candidates for Ward 4

Ed Duchesne
Phone: 780-826-3480
Email Ed Duchense

Marcy MacEachern
Phone: 780-812-5521
Email Marcy MacEachern

Candidates for Ward 5

Angela Cook
Phone: 780-573-9867
Email Angela Cook

Silke Skinner
Phone: 780-812-9537
Email Silke Skinner

Dana Swigart - Incumbent
Phone: 780-573-9095
Email Dana Swigart

Candidates for Ward 6

Ben Fadeyiw
Phone: 780-573-4723
Email Ben Fadeyiw

Paul Gullackson
Phone: 780-812-6612
Email Paul Gullackson

Tim Ostertag
Phone: 780-812-1857
Email Tim Ostertag

Debra Pelechosky
Phone: 780-812-1239
Email Debra Pelechosky

Del Tolley
Phone 780-594-2234
Email Del Tolley