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Policies are created to guide decision making on municipal matters. These policies are approved by M.D. Council. 

In accordance with Section 638.2 of the Municipal Government Act, RSA 2000, c M-26, the section below contains many M.D. policies that apply to Planning and Development. A full list of all current M.D. polices can be found here

2.0 General Government and Administrative Services
A. Governance

2A.009 Municipal Lands Policy – Ensures municipal property that is not required is sold or leased in a fair and consistent manner.

2A.024 Citizen Engagement Policy – Ensures citizens and stakeholders are informed and engaged in relation to decisions made related to the Municipal District of Bonnyville, when appropriate.

3.0 Planning and Community Services
A. Planning and Development

3A.005 Specialized Fencing Policy – Establishes guidelines for the construction of fences for the confinement of exotic animals for game farming.

3A.006 Historical Site Recognition and Dedication Policy – Establishes guidelines for providing one-time assistance to M.D. rural communities wanting to recognize and preserve sites of significant historical value.

3A.008 Signage on or Adjacent to Municipal Roads Policy –Ensures roadside signage in the Municipal District of Bonnyville is placed in a way as to not interfere with traffic, public safety, or road maintenance.

3A.009 Antenna System Siting Policy – Provides consistent and predictable antenna system siting and consultation protocols while ensuring responsible development and reduction in land use conflicts.

3A.010 Retention of Land Files Policy – Establishes guidelines for the preservation of land files to retain historical and current data for life.

3A.014 Subdivision Policy Establishes the process and guidelines for Subdivision and Bare Land Condominium Plan applications within the M.D.

3A.015 Land Acquisition Policy – Defines the process followed for land acquisition within the M.D. and establishes the responsibilities of applicants and those reviewing the applications.

4.0 Infrastructure Services
A. Roads

4A.001 Road Construction and Development Policy – Establishes an annual road construction program that takes long-term transportation needs as well as supplementary construction projects into account.

4A.002 Road Bans Policy – Protects and preserves the roads within the municipality from damage and/or abuse by placing and/or lifting road bans as necessary.

4A.003 Road Protection/Maintenance Agreement and Authorization Policy – Protects the roads within the Municipal District of Bonnyville from damage and/or abuse by commercial and industrial users through the implementation of Road Maintenance Agreements.

4A.004 Road Gravelling Policy – Ensures prompt and timely gravelling of qualifying surfaces to preserve surface integrity and road surface safety.

4A.007 Leasing of Closed Road Allowances Policy – Ensures consistent procedures and fee structure for leasing closed road allowances within the Municipal District of Bonnyville.

4A.008 Clearing of Undeveloped Road Allowance Policy – Preserves undeveloped road allowances in their natural state.

4A.009 Snow Clearance Policy – Establishes procedures to determine, record, and prioritize winter maintenance requirements on roads within the Municipal District of Bonnyville.

4A.012 Summer Road Maintenance Policy – Establishes procedures to determine, record, and prioritize summer maintenance requirements to maintain safe passage standards.

4A.013 Developed Road Allowance Brush Control Policy – Ensures the removal of trees and brush along developed road allowances within the Municipal District of Bonnyville as required for safety and maintenance.

4A.014 Pipeline Crossings – Right-of-Way Policy – Establishes conditions and minimum standards for pipeline and utility crossings of municipal road allowances.

4A.019 Municipal Road Approach Policy – Establishes standards for the construction and planning of approaches to access municipal roads.

B. Utilities

4B.010 Water and Sewer Service Policy – Establishes standards for the municipal water and sewer systems to provide safe and adequate service for residents.

4B.011 Domestic Wastewater Disposal at Municipal Wastewater Lagoons – Establishes strategy to dispose of domestic wastewater in an environmentally compliant manner on a cost-recovery basis.

4B.016 Installation and Energizing of Street Lights Policy  – Outlines the policy used to respond to requests for the installation and/or energizing of street lights in multi-lot subdivisions.