Shelterbelt Program

In 2012, the Federal Government announced that it would be ending the PFRA Shelterbelt Program. This shelterbelt program was established to secure the rehabilitation of the drought and soil drifting areas as well as to promote soil conservation in the Provinces of Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

In 2013, the M.D. of Bonnyville recognized its environmental importance and made a decision to continue with its own shelterbelt program. There are many benefits to planting trees, these include; slowing the wind which promotes moisture (by snow trapping) and decreases soil erosion, reduces wind damage to crops, increases pollinator and wildlife habitats, improves safety in winter travel due to reduced snow drifting and wind icing and finally increases property value through its aesthetics.  We launched our program in 2014 with 6000 seedlings available for sale to M.D. residents; with the popularity of the program we have since increased these numbers to nearly 10,000 seedlings annually.

Our program now includes shelterbelt trees such as: spruce and poplar as well as fruit and berry. 

This year, the shelterbelt program is being done online.

Click on the images below to find out more about each tree available for the 2019 Shelterbelt program. Information will include projected size, harvest time (if applicable) and other trees/bushes it is compatible with.

 Click here to buy trees now or click here to get a copy of the order form.

Choke Cherry

choke cherry

Western Sand Cherry

western sand cherry

Colorado Spruce - SOLD OUT


Golden Willow - SOLD OUT

golden willow

Martin Saskatoon - SOLD OUT

martin saskatoon

White Spruce - SOLD OUT


Carmine Jewel Cherry

Carmine jewel cherry

Pygmy Caragana

pygmy caragana

Ben Hope Black Currant - SOLD OUT

ben hope blackcurrant

Common Purple Lilac - SOLD OUT

common purple lilac

Honeybee Haskap - SOLD OUT

honeybee haskap

Mountain Ash - Evans Edible - SOLD OUT

mountain ash

Paper Birch

paper birch

Aurora Haskap - SOLD OUT

aurora haskap

Dakota Pinnacle Birch - SOLD OUT


Honeyqueen Raspberry - SOLD OUT

Honeyqueen Raspberry

Mustang Cherry Plum - SOLD OUT

mustang cherry plum

Scots Pine - SOLD OUT


Siberian Larch

siberian larch

Dwarf Burning Bush - SOLD OUT

dwarf burning brush

Lombardy Column Poplar - SOLD OUT

lombardy collumn poplar

Snowball Viburnum - SOLD OUT

snowball viburnum

Sugar Maple - SOLD OUT

Sugar-Maple 2

Wyoming Raspberry - SOLD OUT

wyoming raspberry