5 - Environmental and Protective Services

A. Agriculture Services

5A.003 Beaver Control Policy – Outlines the guidelines for M.D. assistance with beaver control within the municipality.

5A.004 Agricultural Rental Equipment Policy – Outlines the guidelines for renting specialized farming equipment to M.D. ratepayers.

5A.007 Shelterbelt Tree Planting Policy – Outlines the guidelines for landowners wanting to place trees along property and adjacent to a developed road within the municipality.

5A.010 Agricultural Use of Road Allowances Policy – Provides the procedure for landowners wishing to utilize approved portions of road allowance for growing and harvesting crops.

5A.012 Pest Control Policy – Provides the municipal procedures for assisting in the control of living things deemed to be a nuisance or pest.

5A.014 Control of Clubroot Disease in Canola Policy – Ensures that Clubroot within the M.D. is controlled and handled in accordance to the provincial Agricultural Pest Act.

C-5A.016 Developed Road Allowance Vegetation Control Policy – Establishes a strategy pertaining to vegetation control along developed road allowances within M.D. boundaries.

B. Waste Services

5B.002 Hamlet/Community Roadside Cleanups Policy – Provides an opportunity for approved groups to raise funds through roadside cleanups and improve the appearance of the municipal road network.

C. Protective Services

5C.001 Fire Suppression and Cost Recovery Policy – Provides guidelines for Fire Services regarding resources for fire suppression and pursuit of cost recovery if necessary.

5C.013 Peace Officer Standard Operating Procedure Policy – Ensures an operational procedure for Peace Officers is always available and up to date in accordance with relevant legislation.

5C.017 Speed Limit Policy – Establishes the framework for handling requests made by residents to reduce or increase the speed limit on a particular municipal road or section of municipal road.

5C.019 M.D. Public Notification Policy – Establishes the guidelines for the administration and use of the Voyent Alert app within the municipality.