2021 Budget Virtual Open House

Earlier this fall, Council hosted two 2021 Budget Open Houses, with a third being scheduled for Bonnyville during the second week in November. However, due to restrictions on public gatherings put in place by the Province of Alberta, the Bonnyville Open House was postponed. The M.D. is pleased to announce it will be hosting a 2021 Budget Open House online, via Facebook in lieu of the Bonnyville meeting. 

The virtual Open House will be held Wednesday, November 18 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Residents are encouraged to comment on the Facebook Live video to ask questions. Questions can also be sent to our inbox on Facebook, or via email.

Below, you can find the information boards, arranged by department, that would have been on display at the Open House.

Corporate Services Department

The Corporate Services Department is made up of the Finance, Administration and Human Resources Departments. In this section, you will find the Draft Budget Summary.

2021 Draft Budget Summary
2021 Draft Budget Charts
2021 Corporate Services Page 1
2021 Corporate Services Page 2
2021 Corporate Services Page 3

Environmental and Protective Services

The Environmental and Protective Services Department consists of Agriculture, Waste Services, Bonnyville Regional Fire Authority, and Public Safety.

2021 Agriculture Services
2021 Bonnyville Regional Fire Authority
2021 Public Safety
2021 Waste Services

Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Services is made up of our Transportation and Utilities departments. Below you'll find maps outlining the projects proposed for 2021.

Roads Classification Map
Drainage Map
Flooding Map
2021 Capital Road Projects
2021 Bridge Projects Map
2021 Rip and Relay Map
2021 Subdivision and Hamlets Project Map

Planning and Community Services

Planning and Community Services is made up of the Planning & Development Department and the Parks, Recreation, & Culture Department (including Kinosoo Ridge).

Planning & Development Page 1
Planning & Development Page 2
Parks, Recreation, & Culture Page 1
Parks, Recreation, & Culture Page 2