Crop Pests

The Municipal District of Bonnyville currently has programs in place for scouting of problem crop pests (Clubroot, Blackleg of canola, Grasshoppers, and Bertha Armyworms). For more information on these pest or programs please phone the office at 780-826-3951


The M.D. has a Clubroot control policy in place. Click here to review it. It covers inspections, what happens if clubroot is found in a field and more. Click here to see the clubroot watch areas (updated annually).

For more information on clubroot in Alberta check out the Alberta Clubroot Management Plan.

Blackleg of Canola

The M.D. scouts for blackleg along side the clubroot inspections. Five samples a year are sent to Alberta Ag to determine the presence of black lag and the severity in our area.  

Blackleg chart

For more information on blackleg of canola click here.


Every year the M.D. scouts 30 to 40 fields for Alberta Ag. For more information of grasshoppers check out Grasshopper Management.

Bertha Armyworms

The M.D. sets up and monitors two fields from June to July for the presence of Bertha Armyworm moths and reports back to Alberta Ag. Go check out this Bertha Armyworm Overview to learn more. 


In the fall, geese can cause lots of damage to crops. The M.D. has Scare Cannons for rent. Phone the office at 780-826-3951 to rent or for more information.