Commemorative Benches Program

The Commemorative Bench and Picnic Table Program was established to offer individuals the opportunity to honour the memory and/or achievement of a friend, family, or loved one through their placement within M.D. parks, trails, and recreational spaces.

You can find examples of the bench designs in the official Commemorative Bench Application here.

Here are a few highlights of the program:

  • You can choose a pick a picnic table or bench as your memory marker. Benches are typically six feet long and have a back rest, while picnic tables are the standard eight feet.

  • The cost of the plaque is included in the price of each bench and/or picnic table.

  • The benches will be placed in location in consultation with the Parks, Recreation & Culture Department. 

  • The M.D. will remain the exclusive owner of the benches/picnic tables, the land upon which they are situated, and all surrounding areas. 

  • Businesses are eligible to purchase a commemorative bench or picnic table, however the program cannot be used to further any commercial interests, and as such, no advertising or logos will be permitted on the benches or picnic tables.

You can read the entire policy here.

For more information, contact the Parks, Recreation & Culture Department at 780-826-3171.