FOIP Requests

What is FOIP?

The Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, also known as the FOIP Act, is a Provincial Legislation that applies to all public bodies in Alberta, including the Municipal District of Bonnyville. The goal of the FOIP Act is to balance individuals’ right to privacy with the public’s right to access information and records in possession of the municipality. The FOIP Act controls the way the M.D. may collect personal information from individuals, how that information can be used, and how that information can be disclosed to others.

Requesting Information Under the FOIP Act

The FOIP Act allows members of the public to request information from records under control of municipalities. Before submitting a FOIP Request, please review the Frequently Asked Questions section below.

To make a request, complete the Request to Access Information Form and submit it to the M.D., along with payment (if applicable). 

Please note that a Request to Access Information Form is not considered submitted until both the completed form and payment, if applicable, are received by the FOIP Coordinator.

If you have any questions, you can contact the FOIP Coordinator:
Stephanie Severin
780-826-3171 EXT. 2062

Frequently Asked Questions

When an individual or corporate entity requests access to general information contained in records held by the M.D. It is all information that is recorded in any form that is created by the M.D. to conduct its programs and services. Examples of such requests include:

  1. An insurance company requesting access to a fire investigation report;
  2. A member of the public requesting access to information related to a development permit on properties not owned by them;
  3. An interest group requesting access to information about expenditures.