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Feb 24

#WasteWednesday February 24, 2021

Posted on February 24, 2021 at 2:25 PM by Tracy Wasylow

This week we’re talking about the Expanded Electronics Recycling Pilot Project.
Alberta Recycling has put a two-year pilot project in place to collect basically any household electronic item that is electricity or battery powered. Anything from toasters and microwaves to kids toys and power tools are now accepted as part of the expanded electronics recycling program.
And, if this wasn’t exciting enough, Alberta Recycling just announced there is a competition between municipalities to see who can collect the most pilot project materials by weight!
Points will be awarded on a per capita basis giving every municipality the chance to win. So, we are putting the call out to all households in the M.D. to bring in your worn out electronic items to any one of our seven landfills/transfer stations so we can make the claim that we are the best electronics recyclers in Alberta!
Click here for a list of eligible items and more information on the pilot project.