What effect will this have on my tax bill?

If you had a "Municipal - Non Residential" tax rate on your 2017 Assessment and Tax Notice, and you met the requirements of the Small Business tax rate, you would be taxed at a lower rate that the Municipal - Non-Residential properties in the Municipality.  What would be the effect on the tax bill?  That is a little more complex to answer. Your Property Tax Bill is broken up into different taxes.  There is a Municipal Tax section, a School Tax section, and an Other Tax section on your notice.  Council only has control over the Municipal section. In November 2017, Council established an interim budget and their decision was to keep the same tax mill rates in 2018 as they were in 2017. If your assessment values remain the same as last year, and the municipal tax rates stay the same, you would see a lower municipal tax levy for the part of the property that qualifies under the Small Business sub-class.  We cannot predict the overall effect on your tax bill, as the School Tax and Other Tax sections of your bill are established by those requisitioning bodies.

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1. This new sub-class applies to businesses with less than 50 employees, as of Dec. 31, 2017. Do they have to be full-time employees, or do part-time and seasonal employees also qualify?
2. Does this new tax class depend on the zoning of my property?
3. If I am a farmer with less than 50 employees, should I fill out the declaration form?
4. Does this apply to me if I run a business out of my home?
5. Does this apply to me if I am the only employee of the business?
6. I am a contractor (welder, consultant, etc.), do I qualify for this tax sub-class?
7. What effect will this have on my tax bill?