UPDATE From the Town of Bonnyville - January 28, 2021

The long-awaited Waterline changeover is here!

Starting Monday, February 1, 2021, he transition from the Bonnyville Water Treatment Plant to the Cold Lake Regional Waterline will happen. The Town of Bonnyville would like to share some important reminders for those residents that are part of the Bonnyville’s distribution system. 

As previously mentioned, the new regional water system will be disinfected with chloramination vs the current disinfection with chlorine.  Due to the regional water systems disinfection being different, the Town of Bonnyville will be flushing the distribution system of its current water on February 1 , 2021. This process is required as per Alberta Environment.

During this changeover time, it is recommended that residents flush their internal plumbing for approximately 10 minutes or until any water colour changes and/or cloudiness is diminished. At the same time, the Town will be flushing the distribution system of chlorined water and filling it with chloraminated water.   

Individuals who utilize dialysis machines will need to ensure that any water used should be treated to remove any chloramines. If you require assistance on how to treat your water, please contact your physician. 

Fish tank owners must de-chlorinate the tap water before filling their fish tank.  Ammonia and chlorine, both present in chloramine, will have adverse effects on fish. De-chlorination solution is readily available where fish tank supplies are sold. 

For further information on the Regional Waterline and chloramination vs chlorination please read the rest of the Regional Waterline FAQ section.

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1. UPDATE From the Town of Bonnyville - January 28, 2021
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