What is the total cost of the project and how is it being funded?

The total cost of the project is anticipated to be approximately $97,000,000.00. 

The Federal and Provincial Government are contributing about 90% of the total project cost, the remaining 10% of the project cost is contributed by the MD and Town of Bonnyville. The project cost contribution break down is as follows:

Federal & Provincial Grants

UNDRIP* funding for Cold Lake First Nations$3,234,161
Provincial Government for Frog Lake First Nations$7,494,896
Provincial Water For Life Grant$45,127,994
Federal - Canada Water/Wastewater Fund$32,434,200
Total Grant Amount$88,291,251 (91.10%)
Municipal Contributions

Municipal District of Bonnyville$1,708,368 (1.76%)
Town of Bonnyville$6,919,754 (7.14%)
Grand Total$96,919,373

* UNDRIP – United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

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3. What is the total cost of the project and how is it being funded?
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